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Community Toolkit

Conversations about advance care planning and what we want at the end of our life need to happen at many times and in many spaces- not just in your doctor's office or with your immediate family members but also at your place of worship, your worksite, with your neighbors and friends (and others), too.


Below is a toolkit of resources designed for you to share information about advance care planning, to spread awareness of important components, and to connect back with Let's Talk, Fox Valley resources and supports.

RESOURCE: How to Use the Community Toolkit

Toolkit Materials

1. Community Ambassador Resources

2. Brochures

3. Fact Sheets

4. Posters


Where to Use

The Toolkit Materials can be used with all adults in Wisconsin. While they were designed with young adults (18-40ish) in mind, they are appropriate for anyone interested in learning about and talking about advance care planning.

Use the toolkit in:

  • Community settings, like the library and YMCA

  • Community groups, like your book club and with neighbors

  • Service clubs, like Rotary and Kiwanis

  • Faith Communities and Churches

  • Workplaces

  • With families and in spaces where multiple age groups gather

  • Educational settings like in high schools, colleges, or career training programs (in class, in clubs, etc.)

  • Health care settings, like clinics and wellness centers

Some materials identify specific audiences (such as college students, health care professionals, couples/newlyweds), but can be modified for your needs. Use what works for you and your community. If you'd like to edit a document, just contact us.

2. Brochures - click image to download


Audience: All

Information for Health Care Professionals

Audience: Health Care Professionals

3. Fact Sheets   - click image to download

fact sheet - gen pop.png

Audience: All

fact sheet - how to plan.png
How To Plan

Audience: All

fact sheet - provider specific.png
Information for Health Care Professionals

Audience: Health Care Professionals

4. Posters   - click image to download

wellness 101 poster.png
Wellness 101

Audience: All, College Students

advance care planning poster.png
ACP How-To

Audience: All, Health Care Professionals

what's your exit strategy poster.png
What's Your Exit Strategy

Audience: All

start advance care planning today poster.png
Start Advance Care Planning Today

Audience: All

are you covered poster.png
Are You Covered?

Audience: All, College Students

who will speak for you poster.png
Who Will Speak for You?

Audience: All, Couples, Newlyweds

guidelines for getting started poster.png
Guidelines for Getting Started

Audience: All

advance care planning 101 poster.png
Advance Care Planning 101

Audience: All

leaving well, living well poster.png
Leaving Well

Audience: All, Health Care Professionals

how well do you know your partner poster.png
How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Audience: All, Couples, Newlyweds

give your loved ones a gift poster.png
Give Your Loved Ones a Gift

Audience: All

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