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Do doctors, nurses and hospitals have to follow my instructions?

Yes, unless they inform you in advance that they cannot. In that case, they are required either to give you a reasonable opportunity to transfer to a physician or health care provider who will comply with your wishes, or to help you find one who will. Health care professionals cannot simply ignore your wishes.

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What is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?

CPR is pressing on your chest to keep blood flowing and also assistance with breathing, such as mouth to mouth assistance. Sometimes electrical shocks are used to help start the heart. CPR is used only for short periods until a person can get to the hospital.

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Does CPR always work?

No. It depends on things such as your overall health and your age. It does not work very well for most people who have a life-threatening illness or who are very old.

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What is artificial respiration or ventilation?

This means getting assistance with breathing when you can’t breathe on your own. A tube is put into your nose, mouth or into your windpipe. If this tube is needed for more than a few weeks, a surgeon will probably need to put the tube directly into your throat. Doing this causes problems with talking, eating and drinking. The tube is also attached to a machine, which makes it harder to move around.

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